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1824 Rogart Militia List

Transcribed from records (NAS SC9/87/96/1) by Malcolm Bangor-Jones and published here with his permission.
The Rogart Militia list was signed off at Dornoch on 27th August 1824 and contains 144 men under age 30, 101 above age 30, exempted 21 leaving a total of 224 men liable to serve. The following names and details are laid out thus:Name, rank or occupation, residence followed by A (aged over 30) or U (under 30) plus any notes of exemption.
Thomas, shepherd, Achork, A

George, tenant, Craggybeg, A
John, labourer, Mountbabel, U
Robert, labourer, Mountbabel, U

Adam, labourer, Little Rogart, U

John, labourer, Achvoan, U

Donald, shepherd, Corephrose, A

Alexander, labourer, Eiden, U
Angus, labourer, Rogart U
Donald, labourer, Eiden, U
George, labourer, Eiden, U
Hugh, weaver, Inchoraig, U
John, weaver, Inchoraig, U
John, labourer, Rogart, A
Murdoch, labourer, West Langwell, U
Robert, mason, Rogart, A

William (Mr), road contractor, Rogart, A

Alexander, labourer, Inischape (Inchcape), U
John, labourer, Inischape (Inchcape), U

Alexander, labourer, Inchoraig, U

Gordon Elestor, labourer, Rogart, A

Alexander, labourer, Rogart, U
Colin, labourer, Morness, U
Donald, labourer, Morness, U
Robert, labourer, Morness, U
William, labourer, Dalmore, U
William (Mr), merchant, Pittentrail, A

George, labourer, Torbreak (Torbreck), U
Robert, labourer, Rovycraig, U
William, subtenant, Dalmore, A

Henry (Mr), shepherd, Braegrudy, A

William, tailor, Inischape (Inchcape), A
William, labourer, Inischape (Inchcape), U

William, shepherd, Foxburn, A

Hugh, labourer, Shinval, U
James, labourer, Shinval, U
William, labourer, Shinval, U

Alexander, shoemaker, Rossal, A
Donald, labourer, Rossal, U
George, labourer, Little Rogart, U
James, cooper, Inischape (Inchcape), A
Norman, labourer, Rossal, A
Robert, labourer, Inischape (Inchcape), U

Alexander, weaver, Breakchow, A
Alexander, tenant, Langwell, A
Donald, labourer, Craggyfleet, A
Hugh, labourer, Inchoraig, U
James, labourer, Dalmore, U
James, labourer, Pittentrail, U
James, labourer, Rovycraig, A
John, shoemaker, Dalmore, U
John, labourer, Langwell, U
John, labourer, Rogart, U
John, shoemaker, Rossal, A
Peter, labourer, Dalreavach, A
Robert, labourer, Langwell, U
Robert, labourer, Taicraig, U
William, tenant, Achtomlinie, A

John, labourer, Muy (Muie), U
Kenneth, labourer, Rogart, U
Peter, labourer, Blarich, U

Alexander, labourer, Craggyfleet, U
Alexander, sub tenant, Drynach, A
Alexander, labourer, Inischape (Inchcape), U
Alexander, labourer, Little Rogart, A
Alexander, miller, Muy (Muie), A
Alexander, farm servant, Pitfuir, A
Alexander, labourer, Pitfuir, U
Alexander, labourer, Rhelochan, U
Alexander, labourer, Rossal, U
Alexander, weaver, Torbreak (Torbreck), U
Alexander, labourer, Torbreak (Torbreck), U
Andrew, wright, Pittentrail, A
Angus, tailor, Inischape (Inchcape), U
Angus, labourer, Torbreak (Torbreck), U
Angus, labourer, Wester Langwell, U
David, shoemaker, Achevely, U
David, labourer, Achork, U
David, labourer, Pittentrail, A
David, weaver, Tosgary, A
Donald, tailor, Croick, A
Donald, weaver, Langwell, A
Donald, tenant, Little Rogart, A
Donald, labourer, Rhelochan, U
Donald, labourer, Rossal, U
Donald, labourer, Taunchy, A
Donald, labourer, Torbreak (Torbreck), U
Duncan, farm servant, Pittentrail, U
Hugh, labourer, Ardchow, A
Hugh, labourer, Muie, U
Hugh, labourer, Torbreak (Torbreck), U
James, labourer, Inchomnie, U
James, labourer, Pitfuir, U
James, miller, Rossal, A
James, labourer, Taunchy, A
John, labourer, Achevely, A
John, tailor, Achnaluachrach, A
John, labourer, Craggyfleet, U
John, subtenant, Eiden, A
John, labourer, Inischape (Inchcape), U
John, shoemaker, Langwell, A
John, miller, Muie, U
John, labourer, Muie, U
John, labourer, Pittentrail, U
John, farm servant, Pittentrail, U
John, shoemaker, Rogart, A
John, tenant, Rossal, A
John, labourer, Rossal, U
Murdoch, mason, Little Rogart, A
Paul, labourer, Muie, U
Peter, labourer, Wester Langwell, U
Robert, labourer, Blarich, U
Robert, labourer, Inchomnie, U
Robert, labourer, Muie, U
Thomas, mason, Torbreck, A
William, labourer, Achvrail, U
William junior, tailor, Muie, U
William senior, labourer, Muie, A
William, labourer, Achtomlinie, U

Angus, labourer, Morness, A
Angus, tailor, Morness, A
Donald, labourer, Muie, U
Donald, road contractor, Rogart, A
George (Mr), farmer, Morness, A
Hugh, labourer, Inchcape, U
James junior, labourer, Inchcape, U
John, labourer, Morness, U

Donald, shepherd, Braegrudy, U
Hugh, labourer, Achevely, U
John, miller, Breakchow, A
John, labourer, Letty, A
Robert, labourer, Morness, U

Alexander, wright, Pittentrail, A
Duncan, labourer, Pittentrail, U

Alexander, farm servant, Corry, U
Colin, labourer, Muie, U
George, labourer, Morness, U
Gilbert, labourer, Morness, U
Hugh, labourer, Morness, A
Robert, tailor, Pittentrail, U
William, tenant, Wester Langwell, A

William, labourer, Little Rogart, A – children and poverty

John, labourer, Rogart, U

Alexander, weaver, Rossal, A
Alexander, tenant, Rovycraig, A
Donald, labourer, Craigachnanarach, U
Donald, labourer, Muie, U
George, labourer, Rossal, U
James, labourer, Muie, U
John, shepherd, Dalnessie, A
John, labourer, Muie, A

Alexander, labourer, Achevely, A
Alexander, labourer, Dalmore, U
Alexander, weaver, Langwell, A
Alexander, shoemaker, Langwell, U
Alexander, mason, Langwell, U
Alexander, mason, Rogart, A
Alexander, shoemaker, Rogart, U
Angus, subtenant, Morness, A
David, labourer, Blarich, U
Donald, tailor, Langwell, A – children and poverty
George, wright, Langwell U
George, farm servant, Pitfuir, U
George, shoemaker, Rogart, U
Hugh, subtenant, Pitfuir, A – children and poverty
Hugh, mason, Rogart, A
Hugh, tenant, Rovycraig, A – children and poverty
John, weaver, Ardchow, A
John, tenant, Craggybeg, A – children and poverty
John, tenant, Muie, A
John, labourer, Rogart, U
John, weaver, Taunchy, U
John junior, labourer, Langwell, U
John senior, labourer, Langwell, U
Kenneth, labourer, Little Rogart, U
Peter, labourer, Achvrail, U
Peter, tenant, Langwell, A – children and poverty
Peter, labourer, Little Rogart, U
Robert, tenant, Muie, A
Robert, labourer, Craggymore, U
Robert, labourer, Rovycraig, U
William, tenant, Ardchow, A – children and poverty
William, tenant, Langwell, U
William, shoemaker, Little Rogart, U
William, labourer, Rogart, U

James, weaver, Little Rogart, A – children and poverty

Alexander, miller, Rogart, A
Andrew, labourer, Muie, U
David, labourer, Little Rogart, U
David, labourer, Rhelochan, A
Donald, labourer, Muie, U
Hugh, labourer, Rogart, U
John, labourer, Achevely, U
John, labourer, Muie, U
John, labourer, Rovycraig, A
Walter, grass keeper, Eiden, A
William, tenant, Achtomlinie, A
William, mason, Rogart, A
William, residenter, Rogart, U

Alexander, labourer, Achork, U
Alexander, farm servant, Davochbeg, U
Alexander, labourer, Inchcape, U
Alexander, labourer, Muie, A
Alexander, labourer, Wester Langwell, A
Alexander junior, labourer, Breakchow, U
Alexander senior, labourer, Breakchow, U
Andrew, labourer, Aultivuilt, U
Andrew, labourer, Craggyfleet, A
Andrew, tenant, West Langwell, A
Andrew (Mr), Pittentrail, U
David, tenant, Achork, A
David, shepherd, Craigachnanarach, A
Donald, labourer, Craigachnanarch, U
Donald, tailor, Dalreavach, A
Donald, labourer, Drumbuie, U
Donald, cooper, Inchcape, U
Donald, cooper, Langwell, A – children and poverty
Donald, shoemaker, Rovy, A
Donald, shoemaker, Wester Langwell, A
Duncan, labourer, Dalreavach, U
Hugh, farm servant, Langwell, U
Hugh, labourer, Little Rogart, U
Hugh, labourer, Morness, U
Hugh, labourer, Muie, U
Hugh, dyker, Rogart, A
James, labourer, Breakchow, U
James, labourer, Dalmore, U
James, tenant, Inchcape, A – children and poverty
James, labourer, Langwell, A – children and poverty
John, labourer, Achnaluachrach, U
John, labourer, Dalreavach, U
John, shepherd, Grumby, A – children and poverty
John, labourer, Rheline, U
Neil, tenant, Langwell, A
Robert, servant, Craigachnanarch, A – children and poverty
Wemyss, shoemaker, Inchcape, U
William, tailor, Achork, A
William, labourer, Achork, U
William, tenant, Achvrail, A
William, shepherd, Dalreavach, A
William, labourer, Drumbuie, U
William, smith, Pitfuir, U
William A. (Mr), Pitfuir, U – underage

TELFORD (or Telfer)
Andrew, shepherd, Achevely, A

Hugh, tenant, Achork, A

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